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Delivery charges and VAT will be added on to all orders. Prices on this website and in all downloads are net of VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Ordering from Glassworks Services - Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm

 You can order over the phone, by fax, email or pigeon post but, unless you have a credit account - such as a college - you will  either need to speak to someone to make payment by card or make a bank transfer.

This website should have the most recent prices but we cannot guarantee it as prices are changing so rapidly.

If you do email or fax we would then contact you about stock availability, delivery charges and payment.

Business credit cards and non-UK cards are at an additional 2%, no charge for personal UK cards.

Until all and any monies owing to Glassworks Services Handmade (GSH) are paid all goods supplied by GSH at any time are still their property.

GSH terms and conditions of sale apply at all times despite any clauses on a purchase order or contract.

GSH liability is strictly limited to the value of the goods supplied.

We are not to be held responsible for the results of any guidance given.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Glassworks Services has operated a quality management system since 1996, meeting various new introduced standards over the years. It continues to operate its own internally audited system to ensure cost effective quality continuous improvement, and to monitor that the needs of all stakeholders are met.

Quality Management


Items specially ordered in for a customer cannot be returned without permission from the manufacturer.

Returns - Special Order

Stock items returned within 30 days must be unopened and in re-saleable condition. Over 30 days will be subject to a minimum of a 15% restocking fee. Delivery charges will not be reimbursed for returns or incorrectly ordered items.

Returns - General

Courier Charges

Up to 1.5 kg net

£6.00 (2 - 3 days)

Up to 5 kg net

£8.00 (1 - 2 days)

Surcharge I.O.W £5 per

Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6A/B

Up to 14 kg net

£9.00 (1 - 2 days)

consignment (not per box)

Up to 27 kg net

£10.00 (1 - 2 days)

Extra boxes

£8.00 per box

Areas 6C + Islands

Up to 27 kg net

£15.00 (1 - 3 days)

Areas 6C + Islands

Extra Boxes

£10.00 (1 - 3 days)

Northern Ireland

Up to 27 kg net

£16.00 (1 - 3 days)

Northern Ireland

Extra Boxes

£8.00 (1 - 3 days)

Eire - EORI number required

Up to 27 kg net

£17.50 (2 - 4 days)

Royal Mail  for 6C, BT and Islands:-   Up to 1.5kg net £6.00, to 9kg net £9.00, to 19kg £10.00 + VAT

All Plus VAT except Channel Islands and Ireland

Pallet Service  3+ days

Up to 500 kg

Up to 1000 kg




Area 1



Pallet deliveries are by tail lift

Area 2



on a pallet network company

Area 3



not our own vehicles.

Area 4



Specified AM deliveries are

Area 5



usually an extra £15

Area 6A



Area 6B



VAT to be added to all prices

Area 7




All Prices on this website and on downloads are net of VAT.

Delivery charges and VAT will need to be added onto all orders at the appropriate rate.



Area 1

AL, B, BA, BB, BD, BL, BS, CF, CH, CM, CV, CW, DE, DY, FY, GL, HD, HG, HP, HR, HU, HX, L, LA1-9, LE, LN, LS, LU, M, MK, NG, NN, NP, OL, OX, PR, S, SG, SK, SN, ST, TF, WA, WD, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV.

Area 2

BR, CB, CO, DA, DH, DL, EN, HA, IG, IP, NE1-18, NE20-45, NR, PE, PO1-29, RG, RH, RM, SL, SO, SP, SR, SS, TS, TW, UB, YO.

Area 3


Area 4

CA, CT, E, EC, KT, LA10+, LL, N, NE19, NE46-49, NE61-71, NW, PL, SA, SE, SM, SW, SY, W, WC.

Area 5

DG, EH, FK, G, KA1-26, KA29+, KY, ML, PA1-19, TD, TR.

Area 6

AREA 6A : DD, PH1-14, PO34-41 [IOW]                          AREA 6B : AB1-30, 32, 39-44, 46-51.

Area 6C

AREA 6C : AB31, 33-38, 45, 52-56, I V (not IV20-29, IV37+)

Area 7

HS1-2, PH15-26, IV20-29, I V37+, KW (not KW15-17)

Area 8

,IM Isle of Man - Half £129, Full £150 - though check as price can vary during the year

Area 9

HS3+ (Outer Hebrides), KA27-28, PA20-33, 35, 41-49, PA63-75, PA80, PH27-41, 49-50. Half £144, Full £144

Area 10

KW15-17 (Orkney), PA34, PA60-61, PA76-78, PH42-44, ZE (Shetland) Half £162 , Full £162

Area 11

GY1-8, JE - Half £137 Full £150

Area 12

GY9 Please ask


BT - Northern Ireland £110

              All Other Areas Please Ask For A Quote