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Delivery Charges

You can ring or email to us a list of what you are needing - colour name and number and rod or grit size and quantity and we can check stock and come back to you with price including delivery and VAT. Also, there may be more information about the item if you click on it.

Kugler Transparent Violets

For the Kugler Full List by Number or to search a colour by colour range - go to KUGLER MAIN PAGE

Kugler Colors


Violet Blue


A - colour needs to strike

"a positive violet colour"

  • Rod                £16.75 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £17.45 per kg

K2011 - Non Stock Item -  Heliotrope

A - colour needs to strike

"lighter version of amethyst reddish"

  • Rod                £33.30 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £34.00 per kg

K2050 - Non Stock Item -

Dark Violet Reddish

"very dark violet reddish"

  • Rod                £17.25 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £17.95 per kg


Dark Violet Bluish

dunkelviolett blaulich

"very dark violet with hint of blue"

  • Rod                £16.90 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £17.60 per kg
  • K2056 - Discontinued




"dark mauve aubergine"

  • Rod              £16.70 per kg
  • PW & Grit     £17.40 per kg


Silver Amethyst

silber amethyst

A - colour needs to strike

B - metallic sheen when reduced

"dark amethyst"

  • Rod                £24.45 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £25.15 per kg


Dark Heliotrope


A - colour needs to strike

"strong magenta"

  • Rod                £17.25 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £17.95 per kg

K2166  -  Non Stock Item -

Pink Opalin - semi opaque

A - colour needs to strike

"semi-transparent reddish pink, blue tint"

  • Rod                £25.85 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £26.55 per kg


Amethyst Reddish

amethyst rotlich

A - colour needs to strike

"amethyst with red tones"

  • Rod                £32.30 per kg
  • PW & Grits     £33.00 per kg

We usually have in stock approx. 100 colours in Doncaster, Kugler coloured blowing glasses in Rods 30 cm x 3cm (approx), Powder 0-0.25mm, and in grit sizes K00 0.25-0.50mm, K0 0.50-1.0mm, K1 1.0-2.4mm, K2 2.4-3.8mm. Available “to order” are K3 3.8-5.0mm, K4 5.0-8.0mm, K5 8.0-11.5mm and the other 60+ colours - “to order” items usually take 3 weeks.

Orders before 12:00 Noon, Monday to Friday, we usually can despatch the same day.

Rods weigh between 450 and 600gm - we do not cut rods and we do not supply samples in rod unless we have a broken rod.